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                 Heidi's              Therapeutic Massage                            Brookfield, WI

Benefits of Massage

 Massage Therapy is an ethical, healthy, nurturing touch that has many positive effects on the body. It is one of humanity's oldest forms of therapy.


 Massage can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Bring about chemical changes in the body which have a calming effect.
  • Help improve night-time sleep
  • Improve immune system response
  • Decrease blood pressure and heart rate
  • Bring oxygen to sore muscle tissues, while flushing out toxins
  • Improve range of motion of joints
  • Help boost athletic performance

According to the National Certification Board for the Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork,  "... more than one in five adults uses massage for pain relief, rehabilitaiton, relaxation, rejuvenation and general health and wellness."


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Heidi's Therapeutic Massage

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October Special 2017

I'm so excited to move my business! I will be sharing space with Nutritionist, Amanda Bergesen at Integrative Health and Wellness.

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